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They breed, We bleed

It was 4 hours meeting and as a result, the fuel price skyrocketed to RM2.70 per liter. The evening news made a huge massive of traffic as people rushed to petrol station, get their tank filled. I was sleeping when the news is announced until a friend (zul oxford) called just to tell me the news.

So they say the hike is due to the increasing oil price in the global market, the government can no longer continue to subsidise fuel, petronas have to use their money to explore more oil and so many other reasons to fit the equation.

I find it difficult to process when Pak Lah says the decision to increase the fuel price is made by the best interest of all people and can be considered a win-win situation. I was like…”Are u kidding me Pak Lah? You can’t be serious”. What do you mean by win-win situation? I don’t see we the people win at all. =(

One thing that really frustrated me is that they keep comparing our fuel price with our neighbor’s. I think this is the biggest problem with our leader. They try to find excuses by comparing our problems with other countries which is always ‘a comparison between apples and oranges’.

We are the one who suffer and it seems that they just couldn’t care less…as the title goes, ‘they breed…we bleed’