It’s been a while…not that i’m busy but i just don’t feel like writing. Got six drafts but none of them posted. I decided to change the theme since i feel that the last one (1st one actually) is tiring to read. I guess because the  colour of the background is black and the text size was small. I just hope I can keep posting whatever the topic maybe.

It’s an exam week. I feel sorry for one of my housemate…he is the only one who undergrad student in the house. Other peoples are working and I am postgrad student. I only have one exam. It was research methodology in chemistry subject and the final exam don’t need so much ‘brain’ as compared to others. As I’m writing this post, he was studying for tomorrow exam and once he said “jiwa aku rase nak memberontak, tak dapat nak study. tapi kalau tak study tak boleh plak”. Poor him.

I missed the feeling when all the final exams are finished. It was so great…can’t be described with words. The gloomy day suddenly turns really bright as everyone is smiling. No tension, no messy notes, no past year question papers, no need to memorize…there is just happiness.

Good luck with your exams.


4 responses to “Exam

  1. ellO..bout ur fren(d undrgraduate)..can u slap him 4 me??just like u sO lazy..

  2. hahaha, i’m in the situation like him too. but i still hanging around.

  3. What you were you just saying is totally right. The feelings when the exam is finished was really great. Tak boleh nak diungkap dengan kata2.

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