It’s been hard enough for me to write a post. Really have no idea, it’s like writing an essay for exam – took me a very long time just to start with the first sentence. I hate writing exam, why can’t I just talk, and someone write down for me? I think, that is why i started this blog. I hate writing and yet I want to blog…ironic

I want to say hello and welcome to my blog. This is just another blog from millions out there. Im going to use english as main languange (sorry fellow Malays, I’m not a traitor). I’ve been using bahasa melayu for 21 years, so is there any wrong if i’m using other language? It’s not that my english is so great..I have to admit that my vocabulary is limited and barely know about grammar. I really hope that people can correct me if i’m wrong…so that i can improve myself (typical…lol).

One more thing is, i’m very weak in explaining. If someone ask me “Weh, what’s the movie is all about?” or anything about chemistry for example, I tend to explain things that out of topic…always end up they don’t understand what i’m talking…(i hope u understand what i’m trying to tell here).

That’s one more reason why i’m blogging. The most important thing is, I try to write correctly and with good structure so that people can understand the topic. If I can do that, I am very happy.

I think that’s all…wanna wish u people have a very nice day, thank you for viewing my blog=)


3 responses to “Hello

  1. nice post,that’s what I’m trying to say in the bottom of my heart.

    anyway jab,jab.

  2. thanks san for the comment…please help, support, encourage me to write more, hohoho

  3. that’s not important. wat’s important is you got ur msg across. 🙂 chill. keep on rocking dude!

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